Tragic Incident in Samangan: Two Miners Lose Their Lives, 35 Others Poisoned in Coal Mine Gas Leak

Samangan Province has witnessed a devastating incident involving the leakage of toxic gas in a coal mine, as reported by local sources.

On Wednesday, June 14th, reports from Hasht-e Subh reveal that a coal mine in the Dar-e Suf Bala district became the site of a tragedy where two miners tragically lost their lives, while 35 other workers in the mine were poisoned.

According to the sources, the incident took place on the previous evening when carbon monoxide gas seeped into one of the extraction tunnels at the “Mark Dahan-e-Tor” mine in the Dar-e Suf Bala district.

In response, Mohammad Nasim Khaibarshikan, the Taliban’s governor for Dar-e Suf Bala in Samangan, confirmed the loss of two miners’ lives and the poisoning of 35 additional miners during the incident.

He further emphasized that the lack of professionalism in mining operations remains the primary cause of such fatal events.

Conversely, Mawlawi Mujibullah Bahari, the head of the Taliban’s Public Health Department in Samangan, provided an update on the poisoned individuals’ health, stating that they are gradually improving under the care received at a medical center in the Dar-e Suf Bala district.

Statistics obtained from the Darah Sof Bala district indicate that the district houses four government-owned coal extraction tunnels, alongside over 2,000 extraction tunnels operated by local individuals, employing approximately 12,000 workers.

It is crucial to highlight that non-standard mining practices have consistently claimed the lives of miners, making them victims of such tragic incidents.