Tragic Mine Blast Claims a Life in Logar: Unexploded Dangers Continue to Haunt Civilians

Local sources in Logar have reported that an unexploded mine in this province has resulted in the death of a man.

This incident occurred on Monday, May 29, in the village of Deh-Naw in the Mohammad Agha district of Logar.

It is said that the deceased individual was named Najibullah and was a resident of Deh-Naw village.

Reportedly, Najibullah was constructing a room within his compound when he accidentally came into contact with a leftover mine from the past, causing the explosion.

Explosions of landmines and unexploded ordnance occasionally claim the lives of civilians in the country.

Yesterday, two children were killed, and another child was injured as a result of an explosion caused by unexploded ordnance in Maidan Wardak.