Tragic Murder of a Five-Year-Old Child in Kandahar

According to local sources in Kandahar province, two unidentified men have brutally killed a child in the center of the province.

Sources reported to Hasht-e Subh that this incident took place during lunchtime on Tuesday, June 13, in the village of Mullah-Alam, within the 14th district of Kandahar city.

The unknown assailants first murdered the child and then disposed of the body in a well.

This child was the sole heir to his addicted father’s properties, and sources claim that the motive behind this murder could be related to disputes over inheritance.

No information has been provided regarding the identity of the victim and the perpetrators of this crime.

As of now, the Taliban has not made any statements regarding this incident.

In recent months, the number of criminal incidents has been on the rise.

Just a few days ago, the body of an eight-year-old child was found in a river in the vicinity of Chareekar city, the center of Parwan province.