Tragic Suicide Wave Hits Afghanistan: 12th-Grade Student Takes His Life in Bamiyan Province

Local sources in Bamiyan province report that a teenage boy, who was a 12th-grade student, hanged himself and ended his life.

Sources told the Hasht-e Subh that a boy named Zakaria, a resident of the Khawal village in the central district of Bamyan, committed suicide on Sunday, 16 April.

An anonymous local source stated that Zakaria’s body was taken to the Bamiyan provincial hospital for investigation.

According to the source, Zakaria was a student at the Haydarabad school.

The source added that the reason for his suicide is unknown.

Taliban officials in Bamyan have not yet commented on the matter.

It is worth mentioning that three days ago, a 22-year-old young man named Laieq Sultani, a resident of the Seyah-khaak village in the center of Bamiyan, also hanged himself and ended his life.

Furthermore, it has been reported that in another event, a 25-year-old man committed suicide today (Sunday, 16 April) in the Teyora district of Ghor province.