Two Children Die Due to Freezing Temperatures in Ghor Province

According to local sources, two children in Ghor province died from the intense cold, and their bodies were discovered on Saturday. The information was conveyed to Hasht-e Subh.

Sources reported that the children passed away from extreme cold while traveling from the Kharmurda region to Khairgah Khola village in the center of Ghor province’s capital city, Firuzkoh.

Sources indicated that the children’s ages ranged from 7 to 9 years old.

The Taliban in Ghor province have acknowledged that the two children’s deaths were caused by the extremely cold temperatures.

It is important to mention that in the district of Lal-Wa-Sarjangal in Ghor province, a man passed away last week as a result of the harsh cold. This tragedy highlights the importance of ensuring that adequate resources and support are available to those in need during harsh weather conditions.

Being one of the coldest provinces in Afghanistan, Ghor presents numerous challenges to its inhabitants during the winter season. The locals must contend with a variety of hardships, including extreme weather conditions, lack of proper heating, and limited access to essential resources.