Two Media Outlets Stopped Broadcasting After Building Caught Fire in Balkh

According to officials of two regional media outlets in Balkh, a fire erupted in the shared building and location of Paikan TV and Nehad Radio in Mazar-e-Sharif.

As per the details obtained by Hasht-e Subh, the fire took place in the third district of Mazar Sharif city, which is the provincial center of Balkh on Monday morning.

The authorities from these two media outlets have verified that the fire led to the cessation of broadcasting of Paikan TV and Nehad Radio.

The root cause of the event , which reportedly endured for an hour and a half, remains undisclosed.

As per the provided details, the fire has resulted in an estimated financial loss of around 3 million AFG.

There has been no statement from the Taliban in Balkh regarding the fire at the joint building of the two local media outlets as of yet.

Approximately half a year ago, a comparable occurrence took place when the private radio establishment in Balkhi was ignited in Mazar-e-Sharif. The origin of the fire remains unknown.