Two Senior Military Personnel of Former Government Arrested

Nine days ago, the Taliban arrested Farid Agha Syedkheli, the former commander of the Military bridge in Baghlan, and Parviz Syedkheli, the Kandak Commander of the Baghlan Brigade, from Kabul city without prior notice. Reports indicate that the Taliban first shot at the car of these two former soldiers, resulting in Parviz Syedkheli being injured and hospitalized in Kabul Emergency Hospital under the strict supervision of the Taliban. According to their families, these two former soldiers were arrested without having committed any crime, and they are demanding their immediate release from the Taliban in accordance with the general amnesty order of their leader.

During a conversation with HashteSubh, the families of two senior army commanders recounted a sorrowful tale of their detainment. Abdullah (pseudonym), a relative of Parviz Syedkheli and the commander of the Kandak Brigade of Baghlan province, stated that on Monday, 23 December, at around 11 oclock, Farid Syedkheli, the commander of the Baghlan brigade and a friend of Parviz Syedkheli, visited his house and asked Parviz to accompany him to their other friend in the Khair Khāna area of Kabul. On their way back, the Taliban‘s antiterror vehicles followed them and before the two men could stop their car, a Corolla, the Taliban opened fire.

Abdullah stated that after the Taliban fired shots, three bullets struck Parviz Syedkheli. Subsequently, the Taliban apprehended Parvez and Farid. Despite Parvez being wounded, the Taliban beat them at the scene and transferred Parvez to the security council before taking him to the hospital, where he bled for hours. Later, they transported him to the emergency hospital. A reliable source at the Emergency Hospital in Kabul also informed HashteSubh that Parvez was receiving treatment with his hands bound. The source reported that Commander Parvez‘s health was improving, but the Taliban had placed two bodyguards over his head and one of his hands was handcuffed in the cell. Additionally, the Taliban had warned the hospital not to speak of Parviz with anyone.

Relatives of Parviz have reported that he is the father of four children, all of whom are awaiting his return. According to HashteSubh, Farid Sedkheli, the commander of the 217th Pamir Brigade, is currently being subjected to severe torture by the Taliban. Furthermore, the Taliban have also taken Farid‘s young son into custody in response to his demand for his father‘s release for 24 hours. Farid‘s family consists of seven members, and sources have indicated that his wife and two daughters, aged between 5 and 7, are experiencing health issues due to his imprisonment. Additionally, HashteSubh has revealed that Commander Parviz Syedkheli, commander of Kandak of 217th Pamir Brigade, was arrested and detained for five months during the early days of Taliban control. An anonymous source stated that when Baghlan fell, Parvez went to Panjshir and surrendered all the military equipment he had to the Taliban. After being promised freedom, Parvez travelled to Nuristan with his friends, but upon their return, they were arrested by the Taliban in the Pul-e-Charkhi area and were held for five months. The source also mentioned that Farid has been suffering from mental health issues due to the torture he endured.

The families of the two detainees reported that Parviz and Farid were arrested by the Taliban without having committed any crime. According to the information provided, Parviz was engaged in a car business while Farid was unemployed, and they resided in Kabul. These families are demanding the immediate release of these two former soldiers from the Taliban prison. Despite the Taliban‘s announcement of a general amnesty after regaining power on 15 August 2020, such cases are still occurring. The Taliban had promised everyone, including military and civilian personnel, safety in the past two years, yet they have arrested and tortured hundreds of soldiers and civilians of the former government and even killed some of them.

The New York Times News channel released a report detailing the arrest, torture, and killing of former soldiers by the Taliban. The report stated that since the Taliban assumed control, approximately 500 former soldiers have been killed in 32 provinces of Afghanistan. Additionally, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) reported in its annual report that from midAugust 2021 to the end of the year, 160 former soldiers had been killed, 178 people had been arrested, and 56 had been subjected to torture.

Prior to this, Human Rights Watch reported that during the initial three months of the Taliban‘s rule over Afghanistan, more than 100 soldiers of the former government were killed by the Taliban.