Unidentified Gunmen Fatally Shoot Man in Parwan: Mysterious Killings Surge in this Province

Local sources in Parwan province have reported the killing of a 50-year-old man by unidentified gunmen.

This incident occurred on Thursday, May 18th, in the village of Shakai in the Bagram district.

The victim was named Kamal and worked as one of the guards for Haji Camandar, a former commander of the Jihad in the Bagram district.

The motive for Kamal’s murder is still unknown.

The Taliban have not made any statements regarding this matter thus far.

It is worth mentioning that in recent times, criminal incidents and mysterious killings have been on the rise in Parwan.

In the most recent case, an ex-government police officer was killed by unidentified gunmen in the Jabal Seraj district of this province on Sunday, May 7th.