Unidentified Gunmen Take Another Life in Khost Province Amidst Rising Crime Wave

According to local sources in Khost province, a young man named Qudratullah was killed by unidentified gunmen on Thursday, April 20.

Reportedly, Qudratullah, who was a shopkeeper, was shot by two gunmen on a motorcycle in the wood-selling square of Khost city.

After shooting the young man, the attackers fled the scene.

It is not yet clear why Qudratullah was targeted, and the Taliban has described the incident as a personal enmity.

Residents of Khost have expressed concern over the increasing crime rate in the province and hold the Taliban responsible for the lack of security in the area.

Last week, a money changer was also killed inside his shop in Khost city’s old bazaar, and armed robbers killed a taxi driver and took his vehicle with them on Friday.