Unidentified Gunmen Target Young Man in Parwan: Mysterious Assassinations on the Rise in this Province

Local sources in Parwan province have reported the killing of a young man by unknown armed individuals.

The incident took place on Sunday night, 16 April, in the village of Khaja-khil, in the Jabal-Seraj district.

The young man, named Mohammad Sadeq, was attacked and shot by the unknown gunmen after the Tarawih praying.

According to sources, after finishing the Tarawih praying, Sadeq and three of his friends left the mosque but encountered a group of five armed men on their way home. The armed individuals tied up the hands of Sadeq and his two friends and then shot Sadeq, leaving the other two unharmed.

The motive for this incident is not yet known.

The Taliban have not commented on this incident yet.

It should be noted that mysterious assassinations have increased in various parts of Parwan province over the past few months.

A few weeks ago, two other individuals were also mysteriously killed in separate incidents in this province.