UNSC calls for immediate halt to targeted attacks in Afghanistan

Kabul, 8 Subh: The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has condemned the targeted attacks on civilians in Afghanistan. The council has also expressed concern about the escalation of violence and attacks since the start of the intra-Afghan talks.

On Friday, March 12, the members of the UNSC described the targeting of government officials, the media, the judiciary, health workers, women activists, human rights activists and religious minorities as “heinous”. A statement from the UNSC stated that “the Security Council requested that in addition to the immediate end to targeted attacks, it emphasized the need to promptly prosecute the perpetrators.”

The UNSC stressed that all parties must abide by their obligations under all circumstances, including the protection of civilians and international humanitarian law. Members of the UNSC further noted that targeted attacks are a war crime.

The UNSC stated that lasting peace can only be achieved through a comprehensive Afghan-led peace process aimed at achieving lasting and comprehensive ceasefire and political agreement to end the war.

Members of the UNSC have also stressed the need for full, equal and meaningful participation of women in the Afghan peace process. The UNSC has encouraged parties to the negotiations to take steps to build trust, reduce violence and improve the peace process. At the end of the statement, the UNSC expressed concern about the threat of terrorism to Afghanistan and the region.

The city of Kabul has seen an increase in targeted attacks and assassinations in recent months, with no individual or group claiming responsibility in most cases. However, this type of attack has increased in other provinces as well. The government blames the Taliban for the targeted attacks.