US Welcomes the Appointment of Special UN Rapporteur to Afghanistan

Kabul – The US Department of State has welcomed the appointment of a special reporter from the United Nations so as to review the human rights situation in Afghanistan.

On Tuesday, October 12, a statement was published by the Department of State that the US supports the European Union’s Resolution regarding human rights conditions in Afghanistan.

The EU’s Resolution had requested a special reporter about the human rights situation in Afghanistan which was accepted by them.

The US has expressed its concerns about the human rights violations reports, and says it supports the employing of a special reporter for overseeing the human rights conditions in Afghanistan.

Earlier, the Ambassador of the EU in the United Nations had stated that this is an important measure to maintain and oversee persistently through a committed expert in order to avoid the intense conditions of human rights in Afghanistan.

This request of the EU was accepted on October 8 by the United Nations.