Why Are the Taliban Misogynist?

By: A Critic

Women comprise half of the population of Afghanistan, but the Taliban are working to put them in danger by depriving them of their fundamental rights. Women are gentle but powerful humans who have played a significant role in shaping the new world, both in the East and in the West. According to Islam, men and women have equal rights. Additionally, Islam forbids misogyny and extremism. The Taliban were shaped and instructed in Pakistani madrasas and later perpetrated terrorist attacks against millions of innocent people in the world, particularly in Afghanistan. Managed by the U.S., ISI is the biggest supporter of the Taliban.

The Taliban have two missions: to misrepresent Islam to the world, and to keep Afghanistan vulnerable and unstable. My findings show that the misogynistic perception of the Taliban is rooted in political games. I have come to know that Hibatullah, the leader of the Taliban, is not a person but a symbol. The main leaders of the Taliban get orders from countries other than Pakistan. The third country wants to represent Islam as the most terroristic religion in the world. Meanwhile, the leaders of the Taliban have no choice but to follow the unIslamic orders, which they are against. The Haqani Group, the main branch of the Taliban, is said to be the most powerful branch among the Taliban.

The third country does not want the Taliban to form a government, which could affect other terrorist groups that are likeminded with the Taliban. So, the Taliban project is going to be finished as soon as the third country gets what it wants. After reaching its target, the third country would have two other catastrophic missions to follow: one, a reshaped movement of the Taliban; and two, finding a much more offensive terrorist substitute than the Taliban to rule over Afghans.