With the Rise of the Taliban, 153 Media Outlets Ceased Operations: IFJ

8 Subh, Kabul:The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) says that at least 153 media outlets have been shut down and women journalists have been fired since August 15.

In a report released by the International Federation of Journalists on Friday (September 17th), the federation expressed strong concern about the escalation of violence against journalists.

According to the IFJ, reports of arrests, confiscation of equipment, and even torture and beatings of journalists are on the rise in Afghanistan.

“About 7,000 media outlet staff have been affected by the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul so far,” according to the IFJ.

“I believe what we will see is a Taliban-backed media – without women,” said IFJ Secretary-General Anthony Bellanger.

However, the IFJ has expressed concern for the safety of journalists after the release of some 1,000 Afghan prisoners by the Taliban. The federation expressed concern about the journalists’ coverage of their detention by the previous government.

The IFJ, meanwhile, added that more than 150 media staff had sent an open letter to the United Nations calling for concrete measures to rescue Afghan journalists.