2 Young Woman Commit Suicide in Separate Incidents in Jawzjan and Daikundi

A young woman in Jawzjan province ended her life using a shotgun.

According to a local source, this event occurred on Sunday morning in the third district of Sheberghan, which is the capital city of Jawzjan province.

The reason for the young woman’s suicide remains uncertain, as per the source.

In the meantime, reports from central Afghanistan’s Daikundi province indicated that a girl took her own life by hanging on Saturday night in Ghoch Gerd village located in Shahristan district. However, the reason behind her decision to commit suicide remains unclear.

Over the last few months, there has been a worrying surge in the number of women dying by suicide in different regions of Afghanistan. It is a serious issue that needs attention as these incidents can have a devastating impact on families and communities.

Factors that contribute to this rise in female suicide include poverty, lack of education and job opportunities, early marriage, domestic violence, and limited access to mental health services.