Zarmina Resisted Sexual Assault with Bravery: A Tragic Tale of Resistance

Numerous reports have surfaced over the past two years about extramarital relationships and sexual assault by Taliban commanders on young women and girls during their rule in the country. Recently, in Ghor province, a Taliban militant named Abdul Qodos attempted to sexually assault a young girl named Zarmina in her father’s house in the Saad Siah area of the city of Firozkoh, the center of Ghor province. When Zarmina resisted, Abdul Qodos shot and killed her. Reliable sources in Ghor province have confirmed these details.

According to reliable sources, on Thursday night of April 27, Abdul Qodos and another Taliban militant visited the home of his brother’s fiancée in the city of Firozkoh as guests. It was reported that Zarmina, who was the sister of Abdul Qodos’s brother’s fiancée, had a familial relationship with him for several years. Due to their close bond, Abdul Qodos considered Zarmina his foster sister.

A reliable source who did not want his name to be mentioned in this report told the Hasht-e-Subh Daily that “these people had been relatives and had dealings with each other for years. When Abdul Qodos comes and eats dinner, he goes out of the house as an excuse and goes to his “foster sister” Zarmina. He gropes her, but Zarmina raises her voice and resists the sexual assault that was supposed to take place. When Zarmina’s voice gets louder and she screams, Abdul Qodos shoots her in the chest with a gun and kills her.” The source adds, “After this event, Zarmina’s family members, including her father and brothers, learn about the incident, severely beat Abdul Qodos, and hand him over to the Taliban.”

The video footage that the Hasht-e-Subh Daily received shows a chest wound on Zarmina that caused her death from being shot. The footage also reveals Abdul Qodos’s bloodied face, and those present in the scene interrogate him about why and how he killed Zarmina.

Locals reported that Abdul Qodos, due to his position as a Taliban militant, had become arrogant and believed he could act with impunity. He attempted to sexually assault Zarmina, resulting in her murder. After the incident, other Taliban militants arrested Abdul Qodos. Zarmina’s family is now demanding justice.

Abdulhai Zaeem, the Taliban Director of Information and Culture in Ghor province, has confirmed the murder of Zarmina in Firozkoh City. He stated that the victim was a 25-year-old young woman who was killed under mysterious circumstances. However, Abdulhai Zaeem did not provide any further details.

Meanwhile, Taliban officials have warned local media outlets in Ghor province against reporting on the case. A local media owner in the province confirmed to Hasht-e-Subh Daily that the Taliban have prohibited the coverage of this issue by their news networks.

Recently, the media reported a case of sexual assault and murder of a young girl by a Taliban militant in Ghor province. Over the past two years, there have been numerous reports of sexual assault by commanders, fighters, and even affiliates of the Taliban in various provinces of the country. In the latest case, the brother-in-law of the Taliban governor for Badakhshan province reportedly sexually assaulted a married nurse named Shukria, who eventually committed suicide. Another case involved an 18-year-old girl in Charikar, the center of Parwan province, who was sexually assaulted by a Taliban member named Fazal-ur-Rehman after she rejected his marriage proposal. Despite dozens of other cases being reported, the Taliban authorities have always attempted to prevent the dissemination of news regarding sexual assault by members of the group.