Afghanistan’s First Trade Convoy to the Global Market

Kabul – For the first time, Afghanistan will export commercial goods to the world market after the collapse of the former government, Bakhter news agency quoted an official of the Taliban.

The commercial caravan contains hundreds of tons of dry and fresh fruits, potato, onion, saffron, and the handcrafts of women which will be exported to the Central Asian countries to India, Australia, and the Netherland, according to the information.

By sending the caravan, the process of Afghanistan’s crop will be resumed to the markets of the region and the world, as Bakhter news agency reported from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Transportation routes were blocked, and commercial goods were not exported since the fall of the former government.

During this period, Pakistan and Iran passage borders were active with Afghanistan, and businessmen were exporting their commercial goods through these passages, according to the reports.