Submit an Article to Hasht-e-Subh

In line with our core values, we aspire to create a platform for a diversity of views on topics relevant to Afghanistan issues of the day in a civil manner. Now Hasht-e-Subh welcomes articles written in English from authors and researchers writing about Afghanistan. Here are general guidelines to submit your opinion pieces for consideration for publication.

  1. Hasht-e-Subh does not publish anything that goes against democratic values and human rights.
  2. Hasht-e-Subh does not publish any articles that contains abusive language towards any of the ethnic, religious, and minority groups.
  3. You must have written the article yourself to submit.
  4. The article should be well-written, succinct, comprehensive, and understandable. 
  5. Hasht-e-Subh accepts analytical articles that are based on realistic analysis, rather than personal feelings, emotions, or preferences.
  6. The article must be relevant to Afghanistan. 
  7. The article should not have been previously published anywhere else, and should not be published elsewhere in the future without giving Hasht-e-Subh due credit.
  8. The article must be between 800 to 1200 words.
  9. The article must contain a title, and sections should be clearly marked and separated.
  10. Please include a brief biography of yourself at the end of the article.
  11. If you are using outside sources in your article, please hyperlink the sources in your article.
  12. The submission should be in a ‘word’ document. PDF files will not be considered.
  13. The Hasht-e-Subh editors reserve the right to review and edit an article before publishing. This review may take between three days to one week. If there is a consideration about the content, the author will be contacted. 


Submit your articles to our English editor at [email protected]