About Us

8AM MEDIA is an organization that has a variety of activities in its portfolio. Its activities are composed of operating an online newspaper, research, events, awards, music, and publications. Its online newspaper, Hasht e Subh Daily, is an independent, non-profit, and the most popular newspaper in Afghanistan. Founded in June 2007 by prominent Afghan journalists and human rights defenders, Hasht e Subh focuses on citizen journalism and civic education. Hasht e Subh is well-known for its news and analytical approaches to events and for providing a platform of conversations and dialogues between people from different socio-political spheres. Hasht e Subh is committed to providing balanced and impartial information to the public, and to support democratic institutions and processes, human rights, and rule of law.


Hasht e Subh stands to promote free press based on these principles: Human rights, justice, democracy, rule of law, and freedom of expression.