Death of a Society

By: A Citizen

The Taliban‘s return to power in Afghanistan is a huge setback for the country. Afghans have worked hard to achieve what they have in the last 20 years of democracy and press freedom, but this progress is now in danger of being reversed. The current situation in Afghanistan under the Taliban‘s rule is very bleak, with women and girls being oppressed and losing their rights to work and education. It is hard to imagine what it must be like to live in a society where half the population is deprived of almost everything.

The Taliban‘s terrorist regime is not the only reason why girls education is restricted in Afghanistan. The entire cabinet is made up of terroristic minds that put Afghanistan in danger of destruction. Therefore, it is up to the international community to think of an effective solution for the challenges that women and girls are dealing with in Afghanistan today. The international community is wrong when it assumes that a terrorist group that has committed thousands of terroristic assaults against innocent people could change.