Educated Women: Symbols of a Luminous Future

By: Mohammad Tayeb Khosrawi

Afghan girls have recently lost their rights to higher education only because an ignorant group assaults women in many ways: the Taliban abuse Islamic orders and target women‘s and girlswork and education, which is never a religious issue among the scholars. Islam began with the statementRead,” and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) encouraged both women and men to educate themselves, demonstrating that seeking knowledge is not limited to any particular gender in the religion.

Educated women build a bright and cognitive society if they are given the chance to take part in different spheres of a country. It is quite strange that Afghan women‘s and girls rights are restricted and taken away by the Taliban in the twentyfirst century, the age of knowledge, devilment, and technology. The entire world knows how significant education is for the survival of all of humanity. According to Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazis, only teachers could shape a society. Therefore, Afghan women and girls need to demonstrate the best of themselves and never give up on striving for their rights to education and work at this crucial moment. They are the only ones who can reshape Afghan society soon.

Afghan women and girls need the support of Afghan men in order to reopen secondary schools and universities. This will require international support as well as the dedication of Afghan men.