Former Military Prosecutor Detained by Taliban in Parwan, Raising Concerns of Continued Rights Violations

Local sources have reported the arrest of a former military prosecutor by the Taliban in Parwan province.

According to the sources, the prosecutor, identified as Zakaria, was apprehended on Tuesday, June 20th, by Taliban intelligence forces at his residence in the village of Khoshkak, Shaikh Ali district.

Zakaria had previously served as a military prosecutor in the army of the former government, stationed in Herat.

The motive behind the arrest of this esteemed military official remains unknown at this time.

The Taliban have refrained from commenting on the matter, leaving many questions unanswered.

It is important to note that ever since assuming power, the Taliban have detained and imprisoned numerous civilian and military prosecutors who served in the previous government, across various regions of the country. Tragically, some of them have even fallen victim to acts of murder.

Human rights organizations have repeatedly accused the Taliban of gross violations of human rights and pointed out their vengeful actions against former government officials.