“Negative Exposure of Criminals” – Special Police Force Officer Identified as “Car Thief”

8 Subh, Kabul:  Mustafa Ishani (Sadat), a Special Police Forces officer on duty in Herat, has been accused of being a “car thief”, and posters featuring his photographs have been distributed around the city in Kabul.

Ishani is a Brigadier in the special ‘888’ unit police operation in Herat. Mustafa previously worked in Balkh and has been in Herat for the past two months.

On his return to Kabul from Herat for a vacation, he came across scores of pictures of himself in Kabul.

In the published images, this police officer is referred to as “Sultan Farzand Ahmad, known as Gharib Bacha”, and his crime is described as “stealing a vehicle.”

Interior Ministry spokesperson, Tariq Arian, told 8 Subh that anyone whose pictures were published while believing to be innocent should go to the relevant area to correct the technical error.

After Amrullah Saleh took over security in Kabul about a month ago, he announced that images and profiles of “criminals” and “perpetrators of terrorist attacks” would be released to “negatively expose” them.

A large number of photographs have been published in Kabul with the details and accusations of their owners.

Earlier, an ordinary market worker and a lawyer had protested that their images had been among “exposed criminals”, even though they had no criminal background.

The “negative exposure” program of the defendants, which has not been proven by their criminal trials, has provoked legal criticism. Amrullah Saleh, however, considers this program to be effective in reducing crimes and terrorist attacks.