Park and Health; Women’s Morning Workout in the Capital

Morning workout in parks has a great impact on people’s mood and greenery creates more motivation for exercise. For this reason, most people prefer to exercise in parks rather than indoors. If we enter one of the safest parks in Kabul early in the morning, we will see groups of women and girls gather in the morning, just before sunrise, for morning workout routine. We even see women exercising in chadari and hijabs.

A woman who was exercising with a chador in Alauddin Park in the sixth district of Kabul introduced herself as Zarmina. Zarmina said her diabetes had made her come to the park. Ms. Zarmina, who has been suffering from diabetes for 35 years, has had more positive results in the year she has been exercising than prescribing medication.

Zarmina, who spends hours exercising under a chadari, does not take off her face cover for a moment for fear of confronting one of her relatives. According to her, although exercising with a chadari is troublesome and constricting for her, she is determined to continue the workout secretly for her health.

Khumari, another woman who suffers from high cholesterol and blood pressure, has come to this park every day for the last six months on her doctor’s advice of her doctor. According to Ms. Khumari, exercise has helped her recover from her illness.

Morning workout has a positive effect on the human body and mind, which is why it is recommended by many doctors to prevent and treat common diseases such as depression, high blood pressure, stroke, Alzheimer’s, obesity, high cholesterol and breast cancer, which are more common in women.

In addition to women that have illness, there are young women who work-out with great interest. Tamana, who is 16 years old, exercises in this place every day to maintain her beauty and health. Although it has not been long since she started to exercise, she says that her sleep and diet are regular and she already feels the positive effects on her being.

Women who have realized the importance of morning workout, exercise individually and in groups every day. Muzhgan and a group of her friends have formed a sports group in Alauddin Park. They exercise daily for their health and well-being. Muzhgan says: “Although this park is near our house, my husband did not allow me to come here to exercise until I forced him and brought him to the park with me for a few mornings. When my husband saw a healthy environment in this park, away from the streets, he no longer objected to me coming here.”

Most people complain about the unsafe environment and the accumulation of addicts during the day in this park but the ladies who come here for morning exercise are satisfied with a healthy and comfortable atmosphere.

Parween, who has been coming to Alauddin Park for morning exercise for two years, says insecurity has negatively affected the presence of women in the park. “Last year, when I came to this park in the morning, it was so crowded that it was difficult to find a place to exercise,” she said. “But these days, the presence of women has diminished due to insecurity.” Parween is also worried about this area and does not want to lose her freedom.

Parks have a great impact on beautifying the environment. Green and clean parks are one of the natural needs of urban life, unfortunately, most people who use these places forget to take care of this space.

Many parts of Alauddin Park are polluted with garbage and litter. Most men and women who come here for morning exercise complain about thisissue. In this regard, the Kabul Municipality says that certain people are responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of parks by the government, but it is the duty of the people to pay serious attention to the preservation and cleanliness of public places.