Protest against Queue Disregard: Three Elderly Men Beaten by the Taliban in Zabul Province

Residents of Qalat city in Zabul province have reported that Taliban fighters beat three elderly men in front of the traffic management office in the province.

The incident took place on Thursday, June 8, in Qalat, the center of Zabul province.

The three elderly men, who were waiting in a long queue in front of the Zabul traffic office to register their cargo vehicles, were subjected to violence after they voiced their objection to the Taliban fighters’ disregard for the queue.

The Taliban members wanted to bypass the traffic management queue without adhering to the turn-taking system in order to register their own vehicles.

Local Taliban officials have not commented on the matter.

No information is available regarding the identity of the accused Taliban members involved in this incident.

It is worth mentioning that today, June 8, was the deadline for registering undocumented vehicles in Zabul province, and Taliban fighters attempted to expedite the registration process for their own transporters in the traffic management office.

This comes amidst numerous reports of Taliban lawlessness by the citizens of the country, where members of this group, in government offices and other public facilities, enjoy privileges in violation of principles, disregarding the queue system and rules.