Shocking Murder Unfolds in Badghis: Nephew Takes Life of His Uncle

According to local sources in Badghis province, a man has been killed by his nephew, as reported by the sources.

Sources informed Hasht-e Subh that on Tuesday night, May 30th, a man was murdered in the Shakarab area of Tagab-Alam district, Badghis province, by his nephew.

According to the sources, the victim was identified as Mohammad Taqi, and he was shot five times, resulting in his death.

The sources further add that the Taliban have made no attempts so far to apprehend the suspect.

The motive behind this murder is still unclear.

The Taliban have not made any statements regarding this incident either.

This comes in the wake of another incident where a man murdered his brother-in-law in the Shahrak district of Ghor province, and later, he was also killed by his sister-in-law.