Students Poisoned at a Religious School in Farah Province: Alarming Incident Raises Concerns

Local sources in Farah Province have reported the poisoning of students at a religious school in the region.

According to the sources, on Tuesday, June 6th, students of a religious school in the Naw-Abad area of Qala-e Kah district, Farah Province, were poisoned.

Sources state that these students, numbering approximately 40, were girls who became ill after consuming water.

Furthermore, the sources add that some of these female students were transferred to the provincial hospital in Farah around 10:00 pm last night due to the severity of their health condition.

A local source also mentioned that the water consumed by these students had been contaminated with poison.

It remains unclear who or which group may have contaminated the water.

Local Taliban authorities in Farah have not commented on the matter.

This incident follows a recent case where at least 80 students and two teachers were poisoned in two schools in Sarpol Province.