Taliban Commander Allegedly Commits Sexual Assault in Panjshir Province: Sources

According to local sources, Mawlawi Muttaqi, the commander of the Taliban’s security command for Panjshir province, forcibly entered a residential house and sexually assaulted a woman.

A credible source from the ranks of the Taliban in Panjshir told Hasht-e Subh that the incident occurred on Monday, May 1, in the village of Frubal, in the central district of this province.

The source added that Mawlawi Muttaqi was arrested by internal intelligence forces of the Taliban’s security command in Panjshir during the sexual assault.

“The commander forcibly entered a house in the village of Frubal and sexually assaulted a woman. One of the family members secretly contacted the commander, and the intelligence forces arrested him,” the source said.

Meanwhile, some local sources say that Mawlawi Muttaqi also sexually assaulted a policewoman in the area, but the Taliban source denied the claim, saying, “No, no, she was not a policewoman, she was a resident of the same area.”

Mawlawi Muttaqi is the main resident of Kandahar province and lives in the house of the former government’s public health director in the Parakh area of Panjshir center.

The identity of the policewoman who was assaulted is not revealed, but sources say she is married.

It is worth mentioning that some Taliban officials have been accused of sexual assault since the beginning of their rule.

In the latest case, the son of a Taliban commander and another member of the group reportedly shot and killed a young girl in the Saad-seyah area of ​​Firozkoh city, the capital of Ghor province, on Thursday night, April 27, after failing to sexually assault her.