Taliban Introduce Bold Change: New Color Scheme for Taxis in Afghanistan

The General Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Taliban has announced a new color scheme for taxis operating in Afghanistan.

Hasibullah Mujahid, the head of the Taliban’s General Traffic Police, announced the start of the process to change the color scheme of city taxis at a press conference on Tuesday, May 9.

Mujahid stated, “In the past, the color of taxis had no standard or specific code, but the new color scheme has a specific code and is registered in the international convention.”

According to Mujahid, changing the color scheme and implementing biometrics for taxi drivers, in addition to obtaining credible guarantees from them, will significantly reduce crime levels.

Mujahid also mentioned that taxi colors will be adjusted according to cities and rural areas within the next three months, and violators will face serious consequences.

The Taliban’s traffic police statistics show that 20% to 30% of transportation in Kabul and other provinces is currently done by taxi, while 70% to 80% is done by private vehicles.

The Taliban’s traffic police department states that the current transportation situation in the country poses security problems.

Despite opposition from taxi drivers, the Taliban has proceeded with changing the color scheme of city taxis.

Taxi drivers have expressed their concerns, stating that the color of taxis has been yellow for decades in the country and they cannot afford to change it in the current circumstances.

It should be noted that the Taliban has changed the color of city taxis from yellow to blue.