Taliban’s Latest Arrest: Civilian Activist Majid Zia Detained in Kabul

Sources in Kabul city have reported that Taliban intelligence has arrested Majid Zia, a civilian activist in the previous government.

Reliable sources told Hast-e Subh that on Monday, May 15, Zia was detained by the Taliban at Kabul International Airport while traveling to Iran.

Majid Zia was a civilian activist in the previous government and a media advisor for the Rahmani Foundation.

According to sources, Zia went to Iran after the Taliban took control of the country and recently returned to Afghanistan due to the death of his father.

It is said that Zia also has a background as an officer in the Ministry of Interior Affairs in the previous government.

It is unknown why the Taliban arrested him.

There is no news yet about the fate of this civilian activist.

The Taliban have not commented on this matter yet.

The arrest of civilian, social, cultural, and artistic activists by the Taliban in the country is not unprecedented.

The Taliban have previously detained and tortured activists, writers, and artists from various parts of the country, especially in Kabul.