Taliban’s Reign of Fear Continues: Two Arrested in Kabul and Panjshir

Local sources in the Panjshir province report that a taxi driver has disappeared after being arrested by the Taliban.

The individual in question, Ahmadmir, was detained by the Taliban on Saturday, May 13, from the Dalsang area of the Shatal district in the Panjshir province.

According to sources, the Taliban arrested Ahmadmir on the Panjshir-Kabul road and have transferred him to an unknown location.

While the motive for his arrest is unclear, local residents say that Ahmadmir had no affiliation with any group.

Meanwhile, sources also report the arrest of a guard of Fazl Ahmad Manawi, the former Minister of Justice.

The individual arrested is named Zikrullah and was detained in the Babajan area of Kabul city about two weeks ago.

Sources claim that due to the severe torture in the custody of the Taliban’s intelligence agency, known as the “40th Directorate,” Zikrullah is in poor health.

He has been arrested on charges of collaborating with the National Resistance Front.

The Taliban have not yet commented on these claims.

It is worth noting that since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, hundreds of civilians and government officials from the previous administration have been detained, tortured, and in some cases, killed by the group in various parts of the country.