The Lost Rights of Afghan Women

By: Zmaray Kandahari

In developed countries, there is no spiritual or gender difference between men and women, although gender bias still exists. Philosophers such as Arthur Schopenhauer, Freud, Nietzsche, and Bertrand Russel have made derogatory comments about women, with Schopenhauer famously describing them aslonghaired but shortminded animals“. However, women have demonstrated their superiority to men in areas such as management, leadership, and politics. In contrast, in undeveloped countries such as Afghanistan, women are denied basic rights such as education, work, and choice in clothing, and are often viewed as objects to be bought and sold, a perception which is likely rooted in traditional and religious views of women.

Afghan women are facing immense difficulties due to the Taliban‘s misogyny and gender bias, which has resulted in their rights being taken away. They are some of the most vulnerable women in the world, facing countless barriers when they try to improve, educate, work, and dream for theirfuture. Over the past year and a half, the Taliban have made numerous attempts to take controlof Afghan women and violate their rights, despite criticism from Afghan leaders and intellectuals. It has been the brave Afghan women protestors who have taken the challenge and spoken out against the Taliban‘s oppressive orders. It is now essential that men join the protests and raise their voices for women‘s rights and justice throughout the country. The uprising of Afghanwomen is not only for their own rights, but for a brighter future for all citizens.

I would like to ask why the international community is not taking any action to protect the rights of Afghan women. It is clear that protests will only be effective in countries that value reason, but the Taliban are not open to reason or protests. The only way to make them understand is through military action. It is up to the international community to take a stand for Afghan women and use military force to stop the Taliban‘s mistreatment and bring true peace and prosperity to Afghanistan.