The problem with the Taliban

Abdul Bari Uqchon

Let’s assume that everything is alright, and Afghan girls can now attend universities and secondary schools. However, what would this mean for the rest of the Afghan society? Nothing would change. The main issue is that the Taliban’s beliefs are wrong as they are trying to force traditional values onto an entire nation that is losing its freedom under the Taliban’s rule. Therefore, women cannot live in a society that is based on extremist views. This means that there is little chance of living in a free society. Afghan women should never forget how they have been victimized by the Taliban, who killed thousands of people in the past. Therefore, Afghans should think about what would happen in ten years if the Taliban’s cruel rule continued.

Many people in Afghanistan were harshly judged for having secular views during the republic. However, the Taliban made the social situation in the country worse by imposing restrictions on women‘s education and social activities. Therefore, Afghan women must be careful when protesting against the Taliban‘s oppressive rule, which has not been accepted by the international community and never will be. Women in Afghanistan must continue to fight for culture, education, work, life, and freedom. They should never stay silent!