The War Industry

The past year in Ukraine has been a terrible, yet familiar, disaster. It is reminiscent of the wars in Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Georgia, and the Balkans. The war has not ended, but merely shifted locations, causing more suffering. Supporters of Ukraine have come together to provide arms and ammunition to keep the war going. Both Russia and Western countries are considering which military companies to hire (such as Wagner and Blackwater) to cause more destruction. War strategists are analyzing the data coming out of the war zone to determine the performance of different rifles and artillery, and presenting their findings to politicians and private military companies for decision-making. Politicians and arms companies have turned Ukraine into a testing ground for their war strategies and high-tech suicide drones and state-of-the-art weapons.

The events in Ukraine have a direct effect on Afghanistan. The U.S. and its allies have diverted resources to Ukraine and focused their efforts there instead of continuing the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. In return for keeping Al Qaeda and ISIS at bay for a few years, the U.S. has given the Taliban bonuses such as overlooking their violent past, providing them with cash, and ignoring the suffering of the Afghan people. The U.S. has provided Ukraine with 47 billion dollars in the past year, and this money is being given in a non-transparent way, which will likely lead to the corruption of Ukrainian leaders, just as it did with Afghan politicians. It is likely that a war mafia has been established in Ukraine, and they are working to prolong the war in order to receive more money from the West.

The current relative peace in North Africa and the Middle East is evidence that superpowers, their money, and their arms companies fuel wars in a region, and as soon as they find a new playground, peace returns to the previous one. Afghanistan has now become an abandoned playground, and the players have lost interest in playing there. Two scenarios are possible: the people wake up and turn this playground into the graveyard of the Taliban, or they and other terrorist networks lose patience and invite the players back. The Afghan people must wake up and put an end to their 40 years of suffering, or else the players will once again turn Afghanistan into a shooting ground.