Tragic Suicide of a Young Woman in Takhar: Taliban Remain Silent

Local sources in Takhar province have reported that a young woman committed suicide in the province.

Sources on Friday, May 26, state that this 20-year-old woman was a resident of Kaftar Ali village in the Yangi Qala district of Takhar province.

The woman’s name was Tahera.

According to sources, Tahera ended her life last night by consuming rat poison due to domestic violence and conflicts with her sister-in-law’s husband.

Sources further reveal that seven months ago, Tahera married a man named Samiullah and was also four months pregnant.

Samiullah repeatedly abused Tahera, and she shared this matter with her brothers and her own family, but they paid no attention.

According to sources, her sister-in-law’s husband, who is the Taliban’s criminal director in the Yangi Qala district, buried Tahera’s body to hide the evidence and prevented her family from filing a report.

It is worth mentioning that this is the third case of suicide among young women in this district in the past month.

The Taliban have yet to address any of these cases.