We Are Paying the Salaries of Government Employees: The Taliban

8am, Kabul: The Taliban government has announced that it is paying the remaining salaries of government employees.

The administrative office of the Taliban announced in a statement on Tuesday (October 5) that the previous government had left the payment of government employees’ salaries to the Taliban.

According to the administration, previous government officials embezzled employees’ salaries last month, like other bank assets.

Mawlawi Ahmadjan Ahmadi, director-general of the administrative office of the Taliban, said a commission headed by Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Salam Hanafi had been set up to address the problem, with the heads of the finance, telecommunications and director-general of the administrative office, the central bank and the Kabul municipality.

According to him, to solve the existing problem, the commission has held several meetings, as a result of which it has been decided to implement the salaries of the employees who were in charge of the previous government so that the people do not face economic problems.

Employees of the Ministries of Finance, Education, Higher Education, Public Health and Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock are at the forefront of the priorities. All government employees will now receive their salaries, according to the Taliban.

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s government fell on August 15. The salaries of government employees had not been paid since August. The number of civil servants in the previous government was estimated at 400,000. Female employees of some government departments have not yet been allowed to work. The administration has not said anything about the salaries of female employees.