Attack on Taliban Fighter in Parwan; Elderly Father of Accused Arrested

Local sources in Parwan have reported that following an attack on a Taliban fighter by a young man in this province, the elderly father of the accused has been taken hostage.

The incident took place around 11:00 a.m. today (Wednesday, May 17th) in the Gholam Ali Bazaar of Bagram district.

The accused individual is named Beryali and is commonly known as “Bary.”

According to sources, Beryali, whose two brothers were killed in previous clashes with the Taliban during the previous government, publicly assaulted a Taliban fighter and managed to escape from the scene.

However, the main reason for the confrontation between them is not yet clear.

Following this incident, the Taliban raided Baryali’s house and took his father hostage.

The Taliban have demanded that the family hand over the accused individual.

Local authorities in Parwan have not yet made any official statements regarding this matter.

It is worth noting that last winter, a young man was killed after assaulting a Taliban fighter in the Bagram district of Parwan province.