Complaints by Kunduz School Students; we lack teachers and teaching materials

Kabul, 8 Subh: A number of students in Kunduz schools complain of a lack of teachers, desks, chairs and textbooks. They say they study in difficult conditions and in worryingly hot tents.

These students have asked the Kunduz Department of Education to solve this problem.

On the other hand, Abdul Rahman Saqib, director of education in Kunduz, acknowledges that the lack of teachers, equipment and teaching materials is one of the main problems for students in Kunduz, and that efforts are being made to meet their needs.

Saqib says that out of 523 schools, 180 schools do not have buildings, and at least 100,000 students are studying under tents. He adds that he has informed the Ministry of Education about the shortage of textbooks for Kunduz school students, and that this challenge will be resolved by publishing 30 million new books.

Currently, more than 350,000 students, 39% of whom are girls, are studying in the capital and nine districts of this province.

According to Saqib, of the 523 schools in Kunduz, 60% are under the control of the Taliban, and all girls’ and boys’ schools located in these areas are also active.