Doctor Brutally Beaten by Taliban Fighter in Herat: Hospital Staff Takes a Stand, Launches Strike

According to local sources in Herat province, doctors at the Provincial Hospital have gone on strike in response to the assault on one of their colleagues by a Taliban fighter.

Sources reported to Hasht-e Subh that doctors at the Provincial Hospital in Herat initiated a work stoppage on Thursday, June 1, due to the assault on one of their colleagues by Taliban fighters.

A source from the Hospital in Herat stated that this is the second time in the past two weeks that doctors at this hospital have been assaulted by Taliban fighters.

The source added that about two weeks ago, another doctor was assaulted without any reason by a Taliban fighter.

Additional sources add that following this incident, the doctors at this Hospital in Herat have stated that they will continue their strike until they receive security guarantees and their safety is ensured.

It is worth noting that after the Taliban’s takeover, fighters from this group have been repeatedly accused of harassing and mistreating employees in various offices, including doctors who have filed numerous complaints against the behavior of these fighters.

The lack of law and unfamiliarity with urban and administrative norms are cited as major reasons for the conduct of Taliban forces.