Fauzia Kofi Was Among Fortune Magazine’s 50 Greatest World Leaders

8 Subh; Kabul: Fortune Magazine listed Fauzia Kofi, a member of the Afghan governments negotiating team, among the Top 50 World Leaders.

The announcement of this list by Fortune Magazine has been widely welcomed in the country.

Fauzia Kofi also manages a movement called The Wave of Transformation. She is one of four female members of the governments negotiating team to Doha.

Fauzia Kofi has also served as Badakhshan’s Representative in the House of Representative.

Mr. Kofi was targeted before the official start of peace talks with the Taliban in northern Kabul in August last year. She also won the Spanish “Casa Asia” foundation Award for Diversity and Sustainable Development.

The award was given to Kofi for her work for women’s and children’s rights, her political role is to ensure peace in the country and her commitment and support for women’s education.

Fauzia Kofi had previously been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but the award went to the World Food Organization.