Former Military Officer’s Son Arrested by Taliban Intelligence in Balkh Province

According to local sources in Balkh province, Taliban intelligence has detained the son of General Abdul Saboor Saboor, a former military officer and one of the commanders of the Jihad, in this region and transferred him to an unknown location.

On Tuesday, May 16, sources informed Hasht-e Subh that the arrested individual, identified as Mosawir Saboor, was working as the head of a private clinic in Balkh. The Taliban arrested him yesterday from his workplace in the Second District of Mazar-e-Sharif city.

Although the exact reason for his arrest remains unknown, close family members, who wish to remain anonymous, have confirmed that he was detained by Taliban intelligence. They further emphasize that they have no information regarding his current status or the location of his arrest.

As of now, the Taliban have not provided any official statement regarding the detention of Mosawir.

It is worth mentioning that General Abdul Saboor Saboor, the father of the arrested man, served as a former military officer and was closely associated with Atta Mohammad Noor. However, in recent years, he had no official role in the previous government.

It is noteworthy that since their takeover of Afghanistan, the Taliban have been actively arresting both former military personnel and civilians in various parts of the country.