Fourth Case of Polio Recorded in Nangarhar Raises Concerns in the Battle Against the Disease

Continuing the registration of positive polio cases in the country, the fourth case of this disease has been recorded in Nangarhar.

Nik Mohammad, the official in charge of the polio eradication campaign in Nangarhar, stated that the new case of polio was diagnosed on Thursday, June 1, at Saracha Ali Khan village in the Behsud district.

According to him, the victim is a four-year-old child who has been permanently paralyzed.

Meanwhile, the Taliban’s Public Health Department in Nangarhar province has confirmed the news, stating that the polio vaccination program is underway for children aged under 5 throughout the province.

In the past two months, this is the fourth positive case of polio recorded in Nangarhar. Previously, children in the districts of Kot, Batikot, and Nazian were paralyzed due to this disease, and one of them lost their life.

Although earlier this year, several active organizations in the field of health expressed optimism about eradicating polio in Afghanistan, the recording of new cases of this disease has raised concerns regarding the progress of the fight against it.