Ghani and Abdullah Meet with Biden; The Withdrawal Plan Did Not Change But The US Renewed its Commitments to Supporting Afghanistan

8 Subh; Kabul: President Mohammed Ashraf Ghani, Abdullah Abdullah, and his accompanying delegation met with US president Joe Biden at the White House on Friday evening, June 25.

During the meeting, the US president confirmed the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and the continued US support for Afghanistan. President Ghani called Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan a historic one and stressed that he respects and supports this decision.

According to the White House, Biden emphasized the US’ continued support for Afghans, including women, girls and minorities through civilian, development and humanitarian assistance.

The US president also pledged to continue his country’s assistance to the Afghan security forces.

During the meeting, Biden stressed that Afghanistan’s leaders must work together to support peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden has said that although US troops are leaving Afghanistan, there will be a strong, stable bilateral partnership with military, economic and political support between the two sides.

President Biden has also made it clear that Afghans must decide their own future.

Biden called for an immediate end to the violence and described it as “futile”.

According to president Ghani, the US and Afghanistan are on the verge of entering a new chapter of a comprehensive participation of common interests.

The White House said in a statement that the United States continues to use its diplomatic tools, economic support and assistance for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan.

It also emphasized maintaining stability, economic growth and the achievements of the last 20 years, including the rights of women and minorities in Afghanistan.

The United States has provided $88 bilion in security assistance, $36 billion in civilians assistance, including $787 million to support women and girls and nearly $3.9 billion in humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

In the meeting with Ghani and Abdullah, Biden also mentioned the US’ assistance of 3 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine to Afghanistan. He also promised more help in this regard.

Ghani and Abdullah went to the United Sates with a delegation on June 23. During the visit, Ghani and Abdullah met with the Secretary of Defence, Senators, National Security Adviser, US political figures, families of victims of US troops and the Speaker of the US house of Representative.