Impossible for Italy to Recognize the Taliban

8am, Kabul: Luigi Di Maio, the Italian foreign minister says that recognition of the Taliban government is “impossible”.

On Sunday (September 26), Di Maio told state-owned television Rai 3 in a scathing tone that there are 17 terrorists among Taliban’s cabinet members.

According to the Italian Foreign Minister, although the Taliban government does not deserve to be recognized for human rights violations, the Afghan people have the right to receive humanitarian assistance.

Meanwhile, he called on the international community to prevent Afghan migrants from reaching other countries by preventing an economic collapse in Afghanistan.

Luigi Di Maio said that in addition to preventing the terrorism, illegal immigration, which destabilizes Afghanistan’s neighbors, must also be stopped.

According to the Italian Foreign Minister, it is possible to assist civilians in Afghanistan without funding the Taliban government. Italy, in the meantime, will provide humanitarian assistance to Afghan women and girls.

It is worth mentioning that Italy is also hosting the G20 summit this year.

Before Italy, Denmark and France had announced that they don’t recognize the Taliban government.

Taliban officials have repeatedly called on the international community to recognize the newly formed government in Afghanistan.

Most countries, however, including the US and the European Union, have said that they will recognize the Taliban if they live up to their commitments.

On the other hand, the international community has made the formation of an inclusive government with respect for human rights, especially for women, one of the most important conditions in recognizing the Taliban government.