Negotiating with the Taliban alone will not bring stability to Afghanistan: Hamdullah Muheb

Kabul, 8 Subh: Hamdullah Moheb, a National Security Adviser, has said that negotiating with the Taliban alone will not bring lasting stability to Afghanistan, and will only lead to a temporary peace with the Taliban.

“Security and Stability” are two different categories, the National Security Adviser said on Sunday, March 7, at the “Security and Stability” conference organized by the Ministry of Border and Tribal Affairs.

According to him, Afghanistan has not experienced “stability” in its history. He stressed that stability would be a state in which Afghanistan could prepare and implement a plan for the next 50 years. The National Security Adviser also explained that stability helps controlling conflicts.

Yet, he said that Afghanistan had experienced peace in the past and that the current opportunity for peace was “historic”. According to him, the current talks could lead to a new formation between the leaders of the republic and the Taliban and end the current war.

Hamdullah Moheb stressed that to ensure peace in Afghanistan, the realities had to be taken seriously because, besides internal factors, this war had other big factors behind it. Moheb said that if the war in Afghanistan had only an internal dimension, it would not have continued until now.

According to the National Security Adviser, a number of participants in the “Security and Stability” meeting were Pakistan residents. The National Security Adviser said the Security and Stability Conference was expected to find a solution to security on both sides of the Durand Line. According to him, the results of this meeting should not be just a resolution. Rather, it should be a guide to ensure lasting stability for the government.