Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Suspends Flights to Afghanistan

Kabul – Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has suspended flights to Kabul.

Pakistani media reported that the suspension came due to Taliban interference, including a “dramatic change in the law” and intimidation of staff.

Earlier, the Civil Aviation Authority of Afghanistan had warned Pakistani and Kamair airlines to adjust the ticket prices for the flights from Kabul to Islamabad like before (before the Taliban took power).

The Civil Aviation Authority then asked Kam Air and PIA Airlines to reduce their ticket prices, which citizens had complained about its rise.

Since August 15, only Kam Air and PIA companies flew from Kabul to Islamabad and vice versa. These companies have recently increased the ticket price to $2,000. Before the Taliban took control of Kabul, the ticket price for the Kabul-Islamabad flights was $120 to $150.