Religious Scholar Assassinated in Ghor: Taliban Suspected in Latest Wave of Attacks on Scholars

Local sources in Ghor province have reported the killing of a religious scholar by unknown gunmen.

The incident took place on the evening of Saturday, May 6, in Firozkoh City, the center of Ghor province.

According to sources, the religious scholar, Mawlawi Mohammad Nazir Manawi, was shot by unknown armed individuals after performing the evening prayer in front of the gate of the mosque in Firozkoh City.

Manawi was the former chief judge of the court of appeal in Ghor province.

Although the motive and perpetrators of the killing are not yet known, local sources have named the Taliban as responsible for the incident.

The Taliban have not commented on the matter so far.

It should be noted that since the Taliban regained control, several religious scholars in various parts of Afghanistan have been killed by unknown armed individuals.

In the latest incident, on Friday evening, May 5, unidentified gunmen shot and killed a religious scholar in the Nahrain district of Baghlan province.