Taliban Arrest Hazara Commander Who Defected to Their Side in Daikundi

Sources in Daikundi have reported the arrest of a Hazara commander by the Taliban in this province. Mohammad Baqir Moballeghzada was apprehended by the Taliban on Wednesday, May 10, in Nili, the center of Daikundi province.

A credible source, who declined to be named, told the Hasht-e Subh that a group of Taliban fighters stormed Moballeghzada’s home in the Eshtarlay district of Daikundi and seized two tankers, a ranger, as well as some weapons and ammunition.

Sources added that two brothers of this Hazara commander fled the scene and took refuge in the mountains.

Local Taliban officials in Daikundi have not commented on the matter thus far.

Mohammad Baqir Moballeghzada was a commander of an armed group opposing the previous government in the Eshtarlay district of Daikundi province. He joined the Taliban after their arrival and was appointed as the head of urban planning and land in Daikundi by the Taliban.