Taliban Continues Killing Spree: Three Former Soldiers Brutally Murdered in Badakhshan Province

Local sources in Badakhshan province report that the Taliban have killed three former soldiers in this province.

According to local sources, on Tuesday, April 18, the three former soldiers were killed by the Taliban while on their way to the mosque in Gholam-Darah, Huran-Shahr, and the center of Arghanjkhwa district.

The sources identify the killed soldiers as Qari Sami, Haji Aidi, and Emadudin.

Reportedly, Haji Aidi was a member of the former People’s Uprising Forces in Badakhshan, while Qari Sami and Emad al-Din were members of the previous government’s army.

The individuals killed were residents of the Arghistan district in Badakhshan province.

The Taliban have not yet commented on the incident.

A few months ago, two former People’s Uprising commanders in the Jerm district of Badakhshan province and a soldier in Fayzabad city, the center of Badakhshan province, were killed by the Taliban.

Recently, Nasir Ahmad Faieq, the acting head of Afghanistan’s permanent mission to the United Nations, said that the killing of former soldiers by the Taliban continues.