The Taliban Call for Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan

8 Subh, Kabul: In a letter to the UN Assistant Secretary-General, Amir Khan Muttaqi, the Taliban’s acting foreign minister, outlined his proposals for humanitarian assistance at the Geneva summit and continued international assistance to Afghanistan. According to the letter, Muttaqi met Martin Griffiths, and the letter, a copy of which reached the 8 Subh Daily, was sent after the meeting.

In the letter, the Taliban proposed 15 articles on world humanitarian aid to Afghanistan at the next Geneva summit.

One article states that the Taliban expect that the aid previously provided to the Afghan government, which Muttaqi believes paved the way for corruption, would be given to the Taliban government to pay the salaries of men and women employees at government offices.

The Taliban have pledged to remove obstacles to the projects of all international organizations and allow all UN partners to assist people.

Amir Khan Muttaqi has also outlined that the Taliban government protects the lives, property, and dignity of humanitarian workers.

The Taliban have pledged to support the sanctity of UN offices and to establish a mechanism for mutual agreement.

The Taliban’s foreign minister says that in the current situation in Afghanistan, health, education, and unemployment are serious challenges. Therefore, according to him, urgent assistance is needed in these fields. It is also necessary to complete old projects and design and implement new ones.

In the case of reconstruction, he said, projects that remain unfinished must be completed. “They are all wasted, and so are new projects.”

The acting Taliban foreign minister has called on the international community to work with them in the war on drugs. According to him, the government is responsible for treating about four million addicts and providing them with jobs.

Amir Khan Muttaqi says projects that have been halted by the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and other donors should be resumed as soon as possible. “Staff salaries and funding should continue as before,” he stated. “Otherwise, many Afghans will be unemployed.”

He said all public staff have been invited to return to work, but they may be unemployed due to lack of facilities.

The Taliban have also called on the international community to repatriate cadres who have left Afghanistan and to spend the money at home they spend abroad. According to Amir Khan Muttaqi, this will save both the cost of the host countries and the cadres working in their profession.

The acting Taliban minister of foreign affairs has called on the international community not to leave Afghanistan alone so that the wave of migration does not start again. According to him, efforts should be also made to bring the refugees back to the country.

The Taliban say security forces need to be reorganized and the current government needs military equipment.

Muttaqi has called on the international community to implement the Doha agreement.

The Taliban’s acting foreign minister says he is ready to attend all international meetings and that Taliban representatives should be allowed to attend.

At the end of the letter, Amir Khan Muttaqi stated that the Taliban had clearly announced that in the light of religion and culture, they would observe the rights of women and minorities and the freedom of expression.